A little bit about me...

Tijmen is on a quest to create a world filled with happy homeowners, delighted renters, thriving investors, and more laughter than a stand-up comedy show. He's also secretly hoping for a future where he can time travel to visit friends and family around the globe – maybe even popping by Mars for a cosmic coffee break!


This property magician has worn more hats than a magician's rabbit. He's been in the game since 2001, rolling up his sleeves to fix everything from leaky toilets to water heaters that think they're geysers. If there's a property that needs a facelift, you can bet Tijmen Felix has a paintbrush in one hand and a renovation plan in the other. He's got more hands-on experience than a juggling octopus.


But Tijmen doesn't stop at being a property maestro. He's earned his Real Estate License and is ready to take your home, land, commercial property, or multi-family property sale to the next dimension. He's got all the tools to turn your real estate dreams into reality.


When he's not busy making real estate deals or inventing the next financial magic trick, you'll find him giving back to the community at the Local Kiwanis Club in Lindale, TX. He's not just a real estate wizard; he's a local hero too.


In his spare time, Tijmen channels his inner rock star, loves to hit the golf course (while avoiding the sand traps), mows his yard like it's a work of art, and spends quality time with his wife, who's been putting up with his antics for an impressive 30 years.


With Tijmen, real estate isn't just business; it's a magical journey filled with laughter, adventure, and a few surprises up his sleeve.