A little about me

As a seasoned producer, Larry spent years convincing folks to buy everything from health insurance (because, hey, you never know when that piano might fall on you) to corn chips (the secret to eternal happiness, or so we hear). But let me tell you, folks, real estate has been an absolute hoot for Larry! Every home is like a quirky character in a sitcom, complete with its own unique selling point, and, of course, a "good side" for that perfect Instagram-worthy shot. Thanks to my partner in crime, Andrea, who can make any space look like a million bucks, I now confidently tackle properties ranging from swanky million-dollar horse ranches to the bargain rental you swear had potential.


Yet, the real cherry on top is working with clients. These folks are a colorful bunch, let me tell you! I've met some characters in this business that could give Hollywood a run for its money, and many of them, I'm proud to say, have become more than just clients – they've become cherished friends. Real estate is more than just business; it's a comedy in the making, filled with distinctive properties, unforgettable moments, and a cast of characters that make every day on the job an absolute blast.