A little about me

Legend has it Jason Glasscock wasn’t born as much as he was forged in the fires of small business. It was only natural for real estate to become a passion. As he’s says, “You can’t be in real estate without keeping it real.”

Jason has seen many people come and go in the service industry that is real estate sales. When it comes to real estate service, his skills are unmatched. The client always comes first. The commission is a byproduct of doing the job well. Jason has worked short sales, foreclosures, tax sales and thrives when working with home buyers. Bringing it back to small business, Jason excels in commercial sales. Having experience being a commercial property owner himself, Jason knows what it takes to put a commercial deal together makes sense for the business owner.

On a personal level, Jason is blessed with being married to his best friend and love of his life, Mandy. Behind them is not one, not two, but three incredible children rounding out what they playfully refer to as the “G-Unit”. They give him the support he needs and the drive to be the best darn Realtor® in all the lands!

In conclusion, he is as cool as the other side of the pillow and is willing to be your guide for as long as it takes to reach your goals.