A little about me

Get ready to meet the man, the myth, the Tyler treasure – Jamey Whitley! Born and raised right here in Tyler, he's on a mission to sprinkle some entertainment magic across the city.


This local legend started his journey at Whitehouse High School, and from there, he rode the education wagon all the way to The University of Texas at Tyler, where he bagged a bachelor’s degree in journalism, with a fancy focus in Public Relations and Advertising. But here's the kicker: during his time at UT Tyler, he co-founded Card 53 Comedy, Tyler's very own improv comedy troupe. Yup, you heard it right – they've been dishing out laughter for thirteen years straight!


Not content with just one feather in his cap, Jamey took things up a notch and gave birth to the East Texas Comedy Festival. He's not just the mastermind; he's also the emcee extraordinaire, slinging punchlines and keeping the chuckles rolling.


But don't be fooled, folks – he's not all giggles and gags. On social media, he proudly goes by "The Funny Real Estate Guy." It's not because he turns every property tour into a stand-up routine (although that would be something!), but it's because he's got one foot in the comedy world and one in the real estate game. He's the double threat you never knew you needed!


With a strong history of working alongside Liberty Hall, he's got a fiery passion for resurrecting the heart of Tyler – Downtown. And as a card-carrying member of Leadership Tyler Class 34, he's got big dreams. He's on a quest to turn Tyler into the entertainment epicenter of East Texas, attracting folks from far and wide to amp up the city's quality of life. It's all part of his mission to boost the quality of life, which led him to don the Realtor® cape.


So, whether you're looking for a laugh, a new home, or both, Jamey's your guy. Get ready for a real estate adventure that's as entertaining as it is productive!