A little about me

Derek assumes the role of Broker and owner at Shilling Real Estate Company, a distinguished figure boasting a well-established record of professionalism, responsiveness, and profound market knowledge.


Derek's ardor lies in elevating others to their full potential, underscored by an unwavering commitment to the highest echelons of customer service excellence. His relentless pursuit is dedicated to empowering individuals, whether they be discerning clients or diligent agents, in recognizing their inherent value.


A daily refrain you're likely to encounter is Derek's affirmation, "You're the best." This phrase embodies the embodiment of his servant leadership, a testament to the ethos he instills within the Shilling Real Estate Company. His leadership philosophy nurtures an environment where the pursuit of excellence is not just encouraged but deeply ingrained, ensuring that everyone involved achieves their utmost potential.

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