A little bit about me...


I may wear the fancy hat of a Real Estate Agent, but I also sport the snazzy cap of a homeowner myself. So, trust me, I get it – your home is way more than just a spot to park your furniture; it's where the magic of life happens!


I'm a firm believer that your humble abode should be treated like a castle, minus the moat (unless you're into that sort of thing). Whether you're diving into the wild world of homeownership for the first time or on a quest to find that retirement oasis, I'm your trusty sidekick on this epic journey, and I promise to make it smoother than a silk sheet.


Now, when I'm not navigating the labyrinth of real estate, you'll find me sharing laughs with my firefighter hubby, Damian (no, he doesn't rescue cats from trees), and our daughter Emily, who's convinced she's the next equestrian superstar.


So, let's join forces and embark on a house-hunting adventure that will create epic, long-lasting memories. Your dream home awaits, and I'm here to help you make it a reality.