A little about me

Hailing from the heartland on a 4th generation McCall family farm in Indiana, Andrea's roots run deeper than a rutabaga on a rainy day. She learned the sacred art of land stewardship from her wise parents and mischievous grandparents, and she's here to make your real estate dreams come true with a dash of Midwest charm and a pinch of practical wisdom.


In a previous life (well, the 80s and 90s, to be exact), Andrea graced the stage, small screen, and silver screen with her acting prowess. This gave her the superpowers of creativity and the ability to pivot faster than a squirrel dodging traffic. It also led her to the love of her life, Larry, whom she met at a talent agent meeting in Dallas, of all places. Their whirlwind romance resulted in a 38-day courtship before they tied the knot. They've been a dynamic duo ever since, conquering realms like acting, marketing, and now, real estate.


But wait, there's more! Andrea's passion for staging homes is no laughing matter. Well, it is because she's got a killer sense of humor, but her knack for home staging will leave your jaw on the floor and your house off the market faster than you can say "sold." Her impressive collection of real estate credentials (GRI, ABR, CRS, SRES, and Broker Associate) and her track record are like a golden ticket to real estate success for both buyers and sellers.


When she's not busy turning houses into homes, you'll find Andrea reveling in her greatest joy – quality time with her hubby, two sons, their lovely girlfriends, and the apple of her eye, grandson Jack. It's all in a day's work for this Midwestern marvel.